Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Things I Love the Most

  • Ferrero Rocher - Hello, it's Valentine's Day and I'm throwing you a bone.  But it doesn't have to be a holiday for these little bundles of deliciousness.

  • Tere - The checker at our local grocery store  -   For being efficient and friendly, for the way I crack up inside when he says “hey, bro…it’s gone be thirty six bucks and eight little ones for your par-tay supplies” to the twenty-something fellas in front of me buying beer and chips, then says “good afternoon, ma’am…did you find everything you were looking for today?” and “can I get someone to help you out with your things?” right after them.  But mostly for his being a good sport when my belly-never-quite-full-Clayton looked at him like he was a sucker in a Bugs Bunny cartoon and said, while honestly salivating, “I wike yo giant choc-wit head.”  Maybe I love him for his juxtaposition to the ay-hole checker who asks "Who does your taxes?" (because he's trying to drum up business on the side - and it's that time of year again) and who, when I offer up my I.D. for alcohol purchases gets into a conspiracy theory monologue with himself about entrapment by the government and authorities.
Luckily Clayton hasn't seen this,
the not chocolate, but rather
The not-our-Governator visited
our little town to check out
the sculptor's work.
(Kyle Mills/Lewiston Tribune)

Serendipity Card Case

  • My Brighton card holder - Jason bought me this as a gift a while back, and I use it for my aforementioned I.D., credit/debit cards, etc..  It's technically a business card holder, but same size, and it's super convenient for me.  I've gotten a ton of compliments on it, and it's durable as all get out with a kind of built in mirror.  The less things I have to keep track of the better.  I'm also not a "love all things Brighton" kind of person...but I do have a pair of their sunglasses too and that's it...I swear.
  • Dad's Drive transport chair/walker combo - This piece of equipment has been a total lifesaver for us.  My dad can use it as a walker when he's up to it, or around the house, but when we go for longer distances or get stuck mid-parking lot when he's winded it's a 15 second switcheroo to a wheelchair.  Best out-of-pocket, skip the insurance purchase ever.
Walker - Texas Ranger

Sit a spell, take a load off.

  • Nerdy Apple Bottom - She's Sarah.  She's a blogger.  She's a mommy who fiercely sticks up for her kids. She once painted her front door a color red that wasn't quite right, but before she could fix it the HOA prez stopped in to say howdy and let her know how much some neighbor(s) hated it.  So she left it alone, for six years so far.  I've never met her.  And I love her.
  • My FB Friends (and my NOT FB Friends) - They know who they are, they love me for who I am, and I love that about them.  They live everywhere, we may have lost touch over the years, reconnected, and repeated, but I think about them often and love them whole-heartedly. 
Yes, you are a light bulb.
No, you are not the brightest one.
  • Headbanz - We bought this for one of the boys for Christmas and opened it on New Year's Eve.  It has since brought about more laughs and questions about the actual combined Lee Family I.Q. than anything ever.  Excerpt from our most recent round:

Clayton (I am a mushroom):
"Can I be eated?"
"Am I glass?"
"No.  We just said you can be eaten. Why would you say glass?"
"Because the Grinch eats glass."
Esten's 2nd round guessing, knows he helps firemen, has guessed fire extinguisher 5 times already (I am a fire hydrant):
"Okay, so I help firemen?"
Jason: "Yes, and NO, you are NOT a FIRE HYDRANT!!!  Oh, crud."
Clayton, (I am a chicken) looking at Jason, (I am an elephant):
"Am I a elephant?"


  • Santo Moscato D'Asti - Did you see the last item on the list?  I NEED this.  Also, it's imported from Italy (or Italia as is indicated on the label) and, according to my lovely sissy-in-law who should also be on this list by default, means that it contains less sulfates than Americaniano wine and thus gives me less of a migrainiana headachiano.  There is no bottle prettier stocked on the shelves, and I can get it at Costco.
Forget I told you that last part.
They ran out once after the holidays and I totally panicked until they got it back in stock.  I've tried and tried again (and again and again and again) to broaden my horizons when it comes to wine.  I've tried to find a red I like, a blush I can live with, a zin I long for...
Sorry, this one is mine.  This one makes my list.  This one is "Heather's wine".

Maybelline SuperStay 2 Step Lip

  •  Maybelline 24 Hour Lip Color - I do not have time to fiddle-fart around anymore. This is self explanatory. 8-hour lipstick is for children. This stuff does not leave any trace on my wine...errr...coffee cups, or my kiddos' cheeks, but stock up on your favorite top coat, it's compatible with any, and you'll need it throughout the day.  If they would come out with something I could put on Monday morning and have to chisel off my cake-hole Friday night that would be great. Work on that, will you, Max Factor?

  • (silvermt.com)
    Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, ID - To be fair, we did just get back from a mini getaway here.  There really is something for everyone at this place.  Esten just learned how to snowboard, and Clayton finally took his turn at (belly) surfing at the indoor waterpark.  I can't say enough good things about the staff, who at various times at our various visits, have located Jason's wedding ring in the surf machine filter, located a lost kid we (and he) didn't realize had gotten separated from each other, and almost immediately repaired a childproofing mechanism on a gate when I pointed out it was beginning to fail its purpose.  They have made wrongs right in a hurry and with the *longest gondola on planet earth* they've helped us make some of the fondest family memories ever.
  • My Carlos Santana Leopard Print Shoes - They go with nothing.  They're almost never appropriate to wear anywhere.  They're out as a choice for PTA meetings (or probably PETA meetings).  I love them nonetheless, and they're not getting weeded out when I thin the herd.  If someone told me I could pick ONE designer and buy shoes to my heart's content, Carlos would have it.  He knows lady curves from toes to heels and it shows.

What was I thinking? They totally go with my
Old Navy winter jammies for an imaginary
GeoTrax train ride.

  • (beautifulorchidscare.com)
Orchids - They're weird, beautiful, finicky, forgiving, and rally just when you think they're done for.  They're just like me.  They are my favorite flower hands-down and I've amassed a little collection, all of whom seem dead at the moment.  I can't wait until I get better at it and I have an improved relationship with mine.

Okay, so maybe this isn't all the things I love, but certainly some of the things and people.  The usual suspects are in my other posts, which you could throw a rock at and hit on any other day.  Valentine's Day may be one day to profess your love and friendship to others, but I hope the ones that really matter know that on the other days of the year they round out my list of 'love the mosts' just as much as they do today.


  1. The best thing I ever did for my ability to grow amazing orchids? Move to South Carolina.

    Probably not a realistic plan for everyone though.

    1. Yup, pass. Only thing I'd be interested in there would be you.