Monday, July 26, 2010

Here we go!

Okay, so I'm a little technologically challenged. I have gotten a lot of encouragement from a few friends and family members (you know who you are) to get some things down in writing. With everyone's busy schedules and some unfortunate geographic scattering, it's impossible for everyone to keep up with what is going on with kids, etc. This will hopefully bring some expanded opportunities for those close to (but far away from) us to get a glimpse into the seemingly boring, everyday life for the Lee family.

I am acutely aware that there are moments, things that my children say or do that are so insignificant in the present, but that are infinitely important to remember, to share, and to reflect on. Everyday life in its monotony is incredibly hilarious, and I draw on it to put things in perspective.

Ultimately, this will serve as a memory book for my kids. I hope that along the way others may enjoy peeking in from time to time to see what is going on with us in our little adventure we call life.


  1. I'm SO glad you're doing this! Not only are your kids absolutely double-AA ADORABLE. I love your wit and wisdom! Write, write, write...and thanks for sharing your family and talents!

  2. Nice twenty first century spin on the book idea. I'm excited to read it :)