Wednesday, April 20, 2016


People are losing their shit today. All over Target's Facebook page.

*I refuse to block out peoples' names or faces because well...they put that shit out on the interwebz so they must want everyone to know their position. 

This is partially because Target announced they could give two shits what's in a person's pants when they have to take a tinkle at their store. It's also probably partially because some asshole who likes to hear himself talk whose name rhymes with Flat Qualsh told all his followers to be pissed about it. I don't know. I'll be go to hell before I give that dick a click or link to his garbage ever.

This landed on my radar thanks to Ben and Nick of Hope that Helps , the Facebook page that infamously trolls entitled assholes complaining about (usually) first world problems.

They were nice enough to invite me backstage to scout around, but they're the ones with the public personas. I'm happy to get to see some of the best stuff that never goes public. It's so stupid. People are so stupid. I'm happy to relegate myself to the shitty grunt work, silently hoping from across the country that Ben might get a big break one day. Because I think he's funny. And because I think he's a good person. And when I find straight white guys who actively speak up about things like feminism and racism and homophobia and transphobia, I like to tuck them in my pocket like a tiny mouse.

Shout out to all the mouse dudes who are living in my pockets....please introduce yourselves and mingle while I finish up here.

So of course the HTH page has been BIZZAY today responding to all of the completely enraged people that are dunzo with Target, which is funny because they seem to be all the same people that said they were never stepping foot inside Target after the whole no-more-boy-or-girl-toy-aisle fiasco.


Anyway. I know that folks are sitting squarely on one side of this fence or the other. And for those who are scared of the El Molestario boogie monster? I get it. That fear has been instilled in children since the beginning of time. Mostly out of ignorance. Mostly out of our own inability to face the facts surrounding who the ACTUAL predators are. You REAL LIFE CRIME CASES.

I see your wall posts. The ones that say "confused people should have their own so we don't have to be around them".

Please. Before you get caught up in this ignorant hysteria. Stop. Realize that it's very likely that you either know someone or know someone who loves someone who IS TRANSGENDER.



And they will see your words and it will sting. It will sting in a way that you cannot imagine. It will push not only that person away that you fear "getting any on you", but it will also push people you love away, because they won't want to get any of your hateful emotions on them. Or on their children.

As for the House of Lee, it's not welcome, that. I am proud of my husband for a good many things, and while this is only loosely related*, one of the nicest things he has ever said about me was to one of his friends who made an off-color remark about "the gays":

"Dude. Do NOT bag on gay people around my wife. She might hate EVERYONE, but she fucking LOVES the gays."



*Disclaimer mostly for your education, not mine: Being transgender and being gay are completely separate things. Please educate yourself and engage in meaningful, supportive, forward-moving conversation.


  1. I love this post. Fuckin' love it. Everything about it.