Friday, June 10, 2011

Mini Facebook Rewind, Part 3

I'm so naughty - I have a TON to blog about, but none of it that I'm sure would be cleared by my attorney at this I've been holding my tongue...errr....fingers?  Whatever the case, you know the drill here.  Condensed Facebook - one stop shop.  More on my scandalicious life later on when things iron out.

March 8, 2011 
Freckles are angel kisses in our house, and Esten threw a random mini-fit last night that "all our dead Grandmas and Grandpas must love Jalen the most because he has more angel kisses than any of us and it's not fair".

March 17, 2011
Lee boys' review of "new Karate Kid": "boring, too much fighting, is it a boy or a girl, looks like a girl, he's too short, why are they all in China, it's taking too long, the old Karate Kid is way better, it had better cars and the guy was cooler and the girl was sooo pretty." Wow. The '80s win again.

March 22, 2011 
Esten:  "Hey mom you know what's funny about hamburgers? They come from cows."
Me:  "You're right, they do come from cows."
Esten:  "Well, but what's weird is that there's lettuce. And there's no lettuce in cows. Only milk."

March 23, 2011
Clayton: "Mommy, two things. Is there towits and is there TVs in jail?"
Me: "Why do you need to know that?"
Clayton: "Well number one is because I don't want to pee in my pants and the number two thing is because I don't want to miss SpongeBob."
Kindergarten registration is today and his long-term plans obviously do not include college, nor being sneaky enough to not get caught.

April 20, 2011 
Esten said you can either look like your mom or your dad, but isn't buying that for him or Clayton..."Daddy doesn't even LOOK like me!" Is Maury Povich in our future?

April 27, 2011 
Let Esten ride his bike to the bus stop while I followed in the car (a whole half a block) and he decided he was going to race me there, but asked me to "please try to don't run me over, Mommy." Oh, okay...THIS time.

May 2, 2011 
Esten's 'about me' writing: "I hav a mom ho wrks ol day. And dad wo is a grat DS playr. And Clayton. And Grampu wo is a coowpoy. And Gramu wo uost to wrck at cosco." To clarify, Grandma has never worked at Costco and we will be working on never using the words "mom" and "ho" together in a sentence again.

May 23, 2011*
Thought Esten's new naughty word was a stuntman move: Ass Fall. And I was mad.
Me: "Where did you hear that word?!"
Esten: "At school, from my teacher."
Me: "I don't THINK so, tell me exactly what she said."
Esten: "The workers are tearing up the ASS FALL then they are going to put in the new playground for the little kids."
Me: "Oh.....but I want you to call it BLACKTOP from now on, okay?"

*Update: I let teacher know about this and she gave Esten a private phonics lesson - he shared with me right away that it's "Asphal-T" (she may have been worried how many other students were doing this).

May 24, 2011
One of Esten's earlier art pieces...he said it was me, but I see no resemblance. My hair has never been that short.

May 28, 2011
Blue playground climbing thingie: 1, Esten's right arm: 0.

June 3, 2011
Esten got his cast on today - the last of the casting material in the doc's office that matches BlueBear~ (nobody else has picked it in a LONG time) A boy and his bestest buddy are a special thing. He proudly proclaimed to the nurse that "BlueBear has been my best friend since I was born."

June 10, 2011
Esten's last learning topic at Kindergarten was dinosaurs and he's good about passing his knowledge along to Clayton, who promptly incorporated them into his prayers: "...and thank you God for the dinosaurs, but thank you for killing all of them before you made me be borned so that I didn't get eated by a T-Rex. Amen."


  1. Thanks for the smiles! Love ya!

  2. Oh Heather, I needed a good belly laugh!
    Love you and those sweet boys--Angie