Sunday, September 5, 2010

More kids???

Our family finally received a long-awaited addition a week and a half ago.  His gender was to be a surprise to everyone, but it was much speculated about.  I asked the boys what they thought Auntie Sara was going to have, a boy or a girl, and what each of them thought a good name would be.

Esten:  "I think she's going to have a boy, and I think she should name him Gilbert."
Clayton:  "I think she's going to have a boy too, and I think she should name him Fluffy."

We talk about babies a lot around our family.  Between Jason and I and our siblings' families, we have made our parents grandparents again 9 times over in the past 8 years, and number 10 will be here before the year is out.  Someone has had a baby every year since 2002.  I'd like to take this opportunity to say regarding 2011, "NOT IT".

Esten is very vocal about feeling cheated out of something.  He's always complaining that other people "have more kids than we do".  Once, on a quick stop at the grocery store, we crossed paths on the way out with a family who had just poured out of a mini van.  Mom, dad, and 6 kids.  Esten scowled, pointed at them, and griped at me, "That is SO not fair!!  They have WAY more kids than we do.  How come WE can't have 6 kids and a mini van like THEM???  We only have TWO and that is not enough."

The mother and father both burst out laughing.  Maybe it was a rare moment where they actually felt sorry for someone else instead of the other way around.  There they were with their 6 little ducklings so quiet in a little line following their mommy, daddy bringing up the rear.  They really had their act together.  And there was me, with a measly little ragamuffin looking litter of unruly mouthy boys who refused to hold my hand to keep from getting flattened in the parking lot.  Esten's opinion spewing did not stop there.  Once strapped to his booster seat he let me have it with both barrels.

"Mom, we have to get some more kids....we just HAVE to."

"Where would they all sleep?  We don't have any room for more."

"Yeah we do, I'll sleep with Grandma, and Clayton can sleep with Grandpa so two of them, the other boys, they can sleep in our beds.  Then the other ones, the 6 girls can sleep in the play room, there's lots of room for bunk beds in there."

"Really?  Geez, how many kids would that be?"

"Oh, you're right, that's only 10.  We need 12."

"Clayton:  YEAH.  We need 12."

Seriously.  If 12 is the magic number, then 6 of them better be the ones from the grocery store parking lot.  They're already trained.


  1. Heather...
    You crack me up!!! I hate to admit it but this is the first time I have been to your blog. Seriously, I barely have enough time to go to the bathroom these days. You are a talented writer and I would definitely read your article in the Tribune need to be syndicated!


  2. Love your posts too! You have such a gift for telling stories! Will definitely be reading these to Katie! :)