Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WCW: Teagan

Bellafaye Garden

It's Woman Crush Wednesday! It's been a while since I've shined the spotlight on a special lady. This week, it's ToddlerBandit's crush:


She is Coach's daughter. She is teammate's sister. She was the babysitter when I had those pictures taken. Yes, those pictures. 

So we know she's trustworthy and she can keep a secret.

But let's talk about the pull of the Universe for a minute. That thing that draws a person to another person, even if person A is significantly more interested in person B than person B is in person A. For example, I joke at length that this was the case with my husband and I. (He was B and only stopped short of a restraining order out of laziness).

Specifically, the pull in ToddlerBandit's Universe can't be explained, but can be demonstrated and understood by those who know how he can sass-mouth me but bend to his Grandma's will, how he turns his curly head away from some hockey moms at the rink, no matter how friendly they are to him, no matter how they try to bribe him, but makes a bee line like a heat seeking missile to others. Others, like Teagan.

Hockey season may be long over, but he still reminds us at least once a day at random that "Teagan's my girlfriend", or "Teagan is coming to my house". He is basically in love with her in a way that he is not in love with anybody else. He would take a Nerf bullet for her.

Not a dart. A b-u-l-l-e-t.

He'll probably start pulling out his own teeth soon when he realizes he can get cash for them just to start putting money down on a little house with a white picket fence for the two of them. 

You know, it's like that adorable bat-shit crazy obsession that you hear about in love stories and on all-day crime marathons on Investigation Discovery.

Tonight, he got in an especially heated argument about it. With a cat. And it went just exactly how you imagine it went.

This asshole is trying to steal TB's GF
ToddlerBandit: "Teagan's my girlfriend."
Tom: "Teagan's my girlfriend."
TB: "No. Teagan's MY girlfriend."
Tom: "No. Teagan's MY girlfriend."
TB: "NOOOO. Teagan's MYYY girlfriend."
Tom: "NOOOO. Teagan's MYYY girlfriend."
Tom: "MINE!"
TB: "You're naughty."
*throws tablet across the room* 
And after I settled him down from his little testosterone/steroid/jealousy induced rage, I explained to him that Teagan doesn't like when boys fight over her. And then I was silently happy for Teagan's dad, who has an added level of deterrence from teenage boys with this mini maniac on the loose.

For now, she fills her time with ballet, track (the hard, hurdling kind), gymnastics, and all the other whatnots she does - she seems to be just a small rubber band with a head, really. And the head they plopped on her is super smart and the stuff of princess tales, with the kind of face that you can't look at very long or you'll go blind, it's that pretty. And that's not even counting when she smiles.

I suppose when you combine all that with her calming demeanor I can see what draws ToddlerBandit in.

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